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Maxwell Industries is the top producer of 70mm Biomass Briquettes in Tamil Nadu since 2010. Raw materials like Groundnut Shell, Bagasse, Saw Dust & Corn cobs are used. The configuration of our Briquette differs either by using 100% proportionate mixture OR Saw Dust of all the Raw Materials as per the requirement & Priority of Our Clients.

With almost 10+ years of experience, we take pride in being one of the top in the biomass briquette business.

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Our main goal is to make use of the Earth’s Green Waste & the other Organic material to the greatest and productive level so as to reduce the usage of fossil fuels that causes greenhouse gas emissions.

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The members of our team include administrative staff, procurement agents, production engineers, researchers, quality controllers, sales and marketing executives, warehousing personnel, and skill and unskilled workers.

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