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Biomass Briquettes


Biomass Briquettes are a biofuel substitute to Coal & Charcoal, which are used in several Industrial Applications like vapour generation in boilers, drying process, heating process & gasification plant to replace existing conventional fuels like Kerosene, Coal etc., In order to create clean and green atmosphere, BIOMASS BRIQUETTES, is an alternative to conventional fuels Trades realize the profits of decreasing pollution through the use of Biomass Briquettes along with Higher Calorific Value when compared with Coal, Biomass Briquettes on average saves 30% fuel price.

Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

Saving in Transportation, Storage and Maintain

Reduction of waste capacity by up to 80%. Packing biomass waste into briquettes rises bulk concentration of biomass , transportation & maintaining prices reduces by almost 20 times, making it easy to store & transport than vestige fuels. Additional luxurious fuel types quite difficult to handle and are dangerous. Biomass briquettes can be formed in a variation of sizes and have a long shelf- life.


Briquettes are massively help & greenhouse gasses free than the other fuel substitutes - particularly coal! Because it does not have Sulphur. Sprinkle pollution related with direct burning of loose biomass can be avoided switching over to briquettes. Moreover briquette does not pollute when it burns.


Biomass briquettes are prickle in a measured manner, slow & efficiently cause of lower wetness and slag content & high bulk density. More and more, effectiveness Industries are using biomass briquettes to totally replace charcoal & fossil fuels.


The buying amount of biomass briquettes is less than old-style fuels .Economically low-cost than black coal.

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